DDE System

Protect yourself from residue related product recall with the DDE System from Ecolab Life Sciences.

In critical high grade areas, effective disinfection leaving minimal residues is vital for a successful contamination control regime. The DDE System reduces the likelihood of a contamination related product recall. It also provides the effective removal of residues helping avoid issues of suboptimal concentrations of biocide and interference with biocidal action. From the initial Disinfection, through residue and particle Detection to final Elimination, the simple three step approach makes best cleaning practice easier for all cleanroom personnel.

The simple three step system uses an innovative UV Validation Torch to reveal unseen residues left on your surfaces. When implemented correctly, the DDE System will effectively:

  1. Disinfect with a low residue solution
  2. Detect with the UV Validation Torch
  3. Eliminate with high grade impregnated wipes

One Certain Outcome

When used correctly by trained personnel, the three steps of the DDE System assure customers of a completely clean cleanroom. Customers implementing the System have reported an estimated 15% saving in wastage. With DDE, you can rest assured that your cleanroom is completely clean.

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